my name is Ben Harthun
and I'm a visual designer, photographer and avid corgi enthusiast based out of Seattle

Diving into 3D

Two-thousand-Eighteen: The year of projects! I’ve given myself the goal to create (at-least) one new projects for myself outside of work every month. While it can sometimes be difficult to find the time between a 40-hour work week, entertaining 3 pets and balancing the life of newly-wedship, I’m finding it to be really necessary to keep my creative side engaged and work on projects that don’t align with my every-day work.

So as of January I’ve been trying to teach myself the powers of Cinema 4D, environmental light and bringing .obj models from c4d to adobe dimensions (because their render client is amazing). Needless to say I’m having a ton of fun and the way I’m able to envision design, packaging and presenting work has expanded exponentially.