my name is Ben Harthun
and I'm a visual designer, photographer and avid corgi enthusiast based out of Seattle

Black Beard Coffee Co.

Black Beard Coffee Co is a branding project that was developed over the course of two weeks for my Visual Communications class at Seattle Pacific. Black Beard was created to bring light to the absent of coffee with milk-alternatives, to the regular coffee drinker who want’s something bold but won’t churn up the insides

Nutritional Facts: “You see, our coffee is a little different. It starts with a slow, bold roast at our personal roasting factory in Downtown Seattle. Then, our milk (straight from Yakima, WA) goes through this pretty rad process to make it Lactose Free (we dont want you getting all farty like a pirate in the office). Afterwards, we add just a tad bit of Raw Sugar. That’s it! See, we’re always looking out for yah.”