my name is Ben Harthun
and I'm a visual designer, photographer and avid corgi enthusiast based out of Seattle

RBC x WE.org

Working at Tether, I had the chance to work alongside WE.org to develop creative and pitch a rewards system that would give young adults different ways to give. The card would be similar to a re-loadable debit card, and each dollar spent would earn the user points to give to a village or town (IE gallons of water or building a well).

The WE:Impact Vision
The easier it is to make an impact, the more willing people are to do it. With a WE Impact Rewards Card, shoppers can make a difference without putting in extra time or money. Through everyday purchases made with their WE Impact Rewards card, they earn social impact points, which can be allocated to a cause they choose to help fund through the WE Impact app.  Through this program, WE will empower shoppers to have the money they’re already spending converted into life-changing gifts that will empower communities around the world to lift themselves out of poverty.

WE Impact App – Mobile Prototype