my name is Ben Harthun
and I'm a visual designer, photographer and avid corgi enthusiast based out of Seattle

Hello Beautiful

Red Bird Bakeshop is a family bakery opening in Big Bear, California, early 2018. Clean, inviting, and undertones of floral (whether it be from their ingredients or to their local environment) was a continuous theme in our discussions. I wanted the overall branding to have that one, iconic pop of color to standout and have it paired with a somewhat subdued pattern that was warm and could work well with something bright.

I originally approached the design in different colors, the less obvious, but was always pulled back to this bright, holly red. There was something about wood-cut illustration that really spoke to me while working on this and wanted to incorporate it into their brand somehow. I worked through some archival woodcut designs from the early 1900s, and pulled from various California plants to work with their t-shirt design.

I also wanted “Hello Beautiful” to be a positive, recurring theme in their packaging and other print material, as they have a large mirror inside the shop while customers wait for their baked goods.