my name is Ben Harthun
and I'm a visual designer, photographer and avid corgi enthusiast based out of Seattle

Virtuous Circle

A project in the making:Virtuous Circle is a non-for-profit organization that is built upon donation by people who believe in the under-privileged with bright futures. These donations help fund these students showing excellent academic acceleration through High School on through College; Room, board, classes – everything. This being, on account that the student promises to pay a percentage, a small (5-7%) of their future earnings to pay off their donation. If the student is unemployed, or earning very low income coming out of school, it will reflect just that. All the benefits of a student loan, without all the angles and fine print. Colorful Communities:Virtuous Circle offers a unique sense of community that should be celebrated, where true beauty is found in the coming together of colorful, diverse individuals that form a larger picture as a whole.