Role: Design, Illustration, Copy
Awareness Campaign for Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month – May 2020
1 month
Target User:
Microsoft – Industry & Customer Success group (~400 FTE)

In passing, I mentioned to some teammates on the Spotlight Team of our organization at Microsoft that I loved their monthly awareness campaigns that they had been doing and I wondered how I could get involved. They send along a few different campaigns coming up and, while as a white straight male, it felt somewhat uncomfortable choosing really any of them (African American History Month, Pride). Being married/together with a first-generation Asian American/Hmong woman has made me realize more and more how important it is to communicate and uplift marginalized people who are often underrepresented. To use your own privilege and platform to speak up and give the spotlight to people that don’t always get a platform.

Doing research, it was really difficult to choose 4 people out of such an incredible pool of talented individuals to represent APAHM, but landed on

Junko Tabei – The First Womxn to summit Everest (Japanese American)
Amar G. Bose – Founder of Bose (Indian American)
Chella Man – Trans, deaf, artist (Chinese + Jewish American)
Ellen Pao – Invester, writer, former Reddit CEO (Taiwanese American)