Role: on-site visual designer
icon/illustration library, design systems, brand support, event support, in-house swag
1.5 years
Target User:
AWS users
AWS, Filter Digital

As part of Amazon Web Services’ in-house design team, I was tasked with helping develop a more concise way of communicating complicated cloud computing products and services. The style originally known as “sketch”, was previously developed in a way to make cloud computing more approachable and fun, but it was unscalable, overcomplicated, and overcrowded page layouts. We wanted to approach illustrations to be read and understood quickly, was scalable (worked with an outside agency to develop brand guidelines) and kept pages cleaner.

As a quick overview, let’s look at how the AWS homepage changed.


Here is a side-by-side comparison of the homepage (top is 2015 and bottom is 2016). The hero backgrounds (orange) were reworked to be much bolder with color gradient meshes, and much more minimized graphic language. The editorial illustrations (4 graphic boxes below hero-nav) are a much quicker read while still keeping some playfulness in the visual language.

10-minute tutorials

This is another feature offered by AWS at that I worked directly with the Digital Marketing Manager Song-I Yang on branding for prospective customers to show how easy it is to get started on AWS.


Editorials were sort of the stepping stone for the much greater breadth of aws illustration work on the product pages called features or feature illustrations. Like editorial illustrations, features were illustrated concepts/products/services by using more objects and more variations. Below are some illustrations that I developed to communicate different features on product pages and were often a starting point for other designers on the team to work from to create illustration assets.


Aside from my work in developing a new design language and transitioning an incredible amount of assets on existing web-pages, I was able to create some other fun, internal promotional items.


Another super fun project I was able to design for while at AWS was the AWS New York Loft. The AWS Lofts are a place where startups and developers can meet over coffee, work on their apps, attend educational sessions, and get in-person answers to AWS technical questions – all at no cost.

Isometric style and colors developed by Mason Catt. All the assets for the AWS NYC Loft were created and tailored for the NYC Loft myself.

In final, I had the incredible opportunity to work on a large breadth of projects from illustration language, to print (stickers, shirts, booklets, etc.) as well as with a lot of creative, talented, and driven designers, PM’s, and stakeholders.

To review the brand guidelines for AWS while I was working there please email at To view the case study that was produced by my creative agency while working as their sole designer, click here.