Role: Photographer, lighting, editor, art direction
20 person headshots
3 days
Target User:
MRW Clarity Team
Target Use:
Promotion for HoloLens 2 release, for use on social media

I introduced the idea of shooting headshots for our studio team of about 20 people wearing the HoloLens. After initial concepts were seen by the studio manager and HoloLens 2 release around the corner, directions, and environment changed from built studio to live demo-space in the basement of the Microsoft Visitor Center.

While initial direction worked well, colored were a bit too harsh on skin-tones and background read a bit too sci-fi. After testing lights in one of the demo spaces in the visitor center of Microsoft HQ, I worked to get team members schedule over 3 different days to get shot.

Equipment: 5D MK II, 50mm 1.4, 2 profoto strobes
(1 large softbox, one small softbox for rim)
2 YONGNUO RGB colored lights toned down.

Shot, directed, and edited by myself
Studio assistant: Vibhuti Kanitkar