Role: Visual designer, branding
brand book development, overall brand guidance
6 months
Target User: marketing
Client:, Tether Digital


At Tether, a creative brand agency downtown Seattle, I worked directly under Creative Director John Kendall, heavily working on the brand guidelines for, developing design strategies, brand directions for events, and developing pitches for a partnership between Royal Bank of Canada and

After listening to the needs of and their marketing team, we began brainstorming on how and what the best practices would be to be easy-to-follow and help their marketing team better strategize and implement consistency to their overall brand. Distilling their needs into a comprehensive Table of Contents and working outwards became our approach.

WE Day

WE Day is an annual celebration of young people and educators who have made a difference. Held in over 15 cities across the United States, Canada, the UK and the Caribbean, the event series features world-renowned speakers, award-winning performers and real-world stories of change. Over 1-million youth have attended We Day to-date.

On a scale of expression, and marketing categorized We Day an 11/10. I helped give guidance to their marketing team and give guidance in how to tell their story consistently and having fun with color, type, and photography.


Lastly, I had the chance to work on a pitch/rewards system that would give young adults different ways to give. The card would be similar to a re-loadable debit card, and each dollar spent would earn the user points to give to a village or town (IE gallons of water or building a well). This project we worked heavily with the copywriters to get the right messaging across and make sure the audience understands how they’re making an impact. I also had the opportunity to envision/prototype the idea of how the rewards system could be integrated into an app.

Mission statement

“The easier it is to make an impact, the more willing people are to do it. With a WE Impact Rewards Card, shoppers can make a difference without putting in extra time or money. Through everyday purchases made with their WE Impact Rewards card, they earn social impact points, which can be allocated to a cause they choose to help fund through the WE Impact app. Through this program, WE will empower shoppers to have the money they’re already spending converted into life-changing gifts that will empower communities around the world to lift themselves out of poverty.”

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