New York City + San Francisco

Role: On-site Visual Designer
Contribution: Front building sticker decal, indoor illustration wall decals
Duration: 2 month
Target User: AWS users, AWS Loft Users + Staff
Client: AWS, Filter Digital

The AWS Lofts are a place where startups and developers can meet over coffee, work on their apps, attend educational sessions, and get in-person answers to AWS technical questions – all at no cost. All the following assets for the AWS NYC Loft and AWS San Francisco Loft were created and tailored for the city by myself.


As part of Amazon Web Services’ in-house design team, I worked with one of the marketing managers for AWS in New York to create a window cling that would be impactful. With AWS Lofts in the past, they have been more low key, and they wanted this to be a differentiator. We worked together to create what ended up being close to a 70′ window cling, as well as illustration decals that would be used throughout the building. I also worked to develop similar assets for AWS Pop-Up Loft San Francisco, that would later be used throughout their building.





In addition to the large overhaul of the outside of the building look, I was asked to create some interior illustration work featuring elements from NYC. The first being a bright blue wall directly to the left of the enterance of the loft. The second being one of the walls they ended up often using to conduct Q&As (as seen is an interview being held with CTO of Amazon Werner Vogel).





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